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Prints: From Canvas Oils > "THE END OF THE ROAD" jpg. Old gas station/general store/post office; old cars; autumn trees; Blue Ridge Mountains; small dog
"THE END OF THE ROAD"  jpg. Old gas station/general store/post office; old cars; autumn trees; Blue Ridge Mountains; small dog

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The original oil on canvas was sold, I'm sorry that you missed it. The image size on the print is: 16"x20".

This old country store is now falling down due to repeated ice storms on top of the mountain in the community of "Montebello", Virginia. But, you can still see "things" inside  the windows! The gas sign is still there, as are the pumps. There are old, "cubbyholes" inside for mail, as this was also a post office. The scene is a tribute to things that are fast disappearing. The store, old cars, gas pumps and sign, the little dog, even the road crumbling away. It is autumn and late afternoon, an end to the season and time of day.

The little dog was ours, her name was, "Puppidog". She looked a lot like the actor-dog, "Benji". She came to us one cold day in early spring as we were fixing up our home, "Gra-Mar" to live in full- time. She was sitting on her haunches on the front porch as if to say, "If you don't take me in, I will die." Who could refuse that plea? We called her, "Puppidog", and she responded to it. She was starving, cold, matted, and her little feet were bleeding from coming through the National Forest for who knows how long?She had a collar with out-of-state rabies tags, (we found out from a vet later. But, he didn't know which state.) She was old, but had puppies not too long past. She seemed frightened of Sonny at first, but clung to me like Velcro!   (We figured a man had treated her badly, maybe beat her, but a woman had loved her.) She came to love and trust Sonny as much as me later. That day we fed her 3 cans of small-dog food, and two bowls of water. She fell into a deep sleep on the porch on a rug. I covered her with a blanket. Sonny said her owners might come looking for her, so we'd better leave her out. He really didn't think she would live. I said if she'd come through all the woods after being, "thrown away", she would live! Later that afternoon, a mountain lion screamed just off of the porch! I ran out and carried Puppidog inside! It had been stalking her in the woods! I gave her a bath in the kitchen sink the next day as she was covered with fleas! She must have never had a bath before, and the fleas were torturing her terribly. As soon as the warm water covered her, she fell fast asleep! She absolutely loved her baths! She rode in the car with us everywhere. Once I made a meatloaf to carry to Sonny's Mom's (Granny's) house, to share for supper. I'd put a catchup and brown sugar topping on it, and covered it with foil. Puppidog was in the back of the car with it as we drove. We totally forgot she was there...with the meatloaf. When we got  to Grannny's house I reached into the back for the dinner. The foil had been peeled back like a can of sardines, and Puppidog had "grazed" down the entire middle of the meatloaf eating the topping! She loved sweets once she'd tried them! It was her weakness. I kind of pushed the remaining topping around, covering the "bald" middle, and we never told Granny what had happened. The meatloaf was delicious!

Puppidog was a great little dog. Once, not long after she came to live with us, a truck pulled into our drive, turned around and left. Puppidog ran to meet it, as if it looked like it might be familiar. But, she realized she didn't really know it after all. After that, she never looked again. We were her family now. We'd checked local vets, and advertised in the paper, as well as looked in the "lost and found" section of the paper. No one claimed Puppidog.

She had a stroke about a year later. She couldn't stand by herself, so I helped her with her "business" outside. I helped her eat. She went blind in one eye, and her right ear wouldn't stand up anymore. Months later her right side was left, "funny", and didn't work quite right. She kind of "listed" to one side, like a drunken sailor! Everyone, but Sonny, said, "Have her put to sleep! " I said, "No way! If she has that much heart to try and get better, I'll help her! Look at her one good eye, she wants to live! If she was a person people would want to help her!" So, she improved enough to get around by herself. About a year and a half later, Puppidog got ill again. All she wanted to do was lay in a cardboard box, on a towel, and sleep. She was pretty sick, but wanted me to carry her wherever I went or she fretted. One day I wanted to go to the kitchen, and she was so sound asleep in the living room by the fireplace I hated to move her. So, I tiptoed into the next room. When I was washing dishes, I heard a small sound behind me. Puppidog! She'd dragged herself out of the box and into the kitchen, just to be with me! He kidneys had failed, and she was dying! It was horrible. I picked her up, called Sonny, and we rushed her to the vet. He had to put her to sleep, as she was suffering. She died in our arms, and we buried her out back after a proper funeral. Jesus said, "His Father sees every sparrow fall." He sent us Puppidog because He knew we'd love and care for her until He took her home. We believe she is in Heaven. Like I said, she was a great little dog.

The Bible Scripture title on this scene is:

"My days are past, my purposes are broken off, even the thoughts of my heart."

- Job 17: 11

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